Monday, 25 June 2012


The fashion designer is never allowed to rest as it would seem. Now it is the done thing to produce a pre-range or resort collection before the main collection. It has been done for many years but this pre-spring summer 2013 seems have dragged the majority of designers with it this time. Resistance is futile. 

Alexander Mc Queen brings us flaired trousers, beauitful embelished gowns and the drangon fly. Belts are decorated with chunky chain to match each outfit and shoes are wonderful, such attension to detail, putting the collection in a place where it can not be coughed at, well done Sarah Burton.  

Marc Jacobs dazzles us with colour. Flower power, metallic shine and block coloured are mis-mashed together, to give us a fresh and youthful, care free look.  A little hippish I feel because of the patch work thing. Again the shoes are tip top, bold colour, chunky heels.

Diane Von Furstenburg resort collection screams modern suburbia, over sized blazers, soft jersey shapes, clashing colours and modern graphic print.

I love this Moschino dress, unmistakably art deco inspired.

Then it runs away into another period in history, very eclectic. As fun as ever, very elegant and girly. Tunics over cigarette trousers have made a few appearances what could this mean for us all I wonder.

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